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Welcome to my cooking section of  I invite you to visit my links below and join me for some old-fashioned comfort food cooking.  Enjoy!

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Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Master Recipe List (a growing list of recipes)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Cooking Trivia (little known facts)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Cooking Definitions (What is that?)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)This Month's Cooking Question (can you answer it?)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Spice of the Month Mace

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Monthly Blue Plate Special (a complete olde time meal)

Love is in the air!

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Visit Your Host,  Brad (my thoughts and tips on cooking and life in general)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)About Your Host,  Brad (a little bit about me)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Spice Archive (a listing of past spices of the month)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Cooking Related Links

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Cooking Marketplace (see Your Host's recommendations)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Guestbook (please let me know you were here)

Pie.gif (13225 bytes)Conversion Chart (U.S. to metric and vice-versa)

I want to bring a spot of joy to your day.  So, check out the Monthly Blue Plate Special and take a break with me,  Your Host,  Brad, as I share cooking tips and cooking thoughts.  Want to stump your friends by knowing some tidbits of culinary trivia?  Visit the Cooking Trivia Page and try to answer the Question of the Month.  Stop by the Marketplace to see the cooking and music recommendations!

But the "meat and potatoes" (pun intended!) of this site is the ever expanding List of Recipes, many of which can be found in connection with my Spice Archive, a compendium of herbs & spices with their history, uses and growing habits.

Waiter.WMF (17486 bytes)I hope you enjoy your visit with me and that you will come back again and again.  Feel free to sign the Guestbook but please, let me hear from you!


Your Host, Brad






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