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Cranberry-Glazed Ham  A beautifully glazed ham to decorate your table and tantalize your senses

This recipe, from Ocean Spray from the 1950's, will present your guests with a tulip-red cranberry glaze.  Enjoy!

Your Host,  Brad

1 8 to 10 pound smoked ham, trimmed of rind and excess fat
2 dozen whole cloves
1 (1 pound) can jellied cranberry sauce
1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar

Rub ham under cold water, and damp dry.  Insert a meat thermometer into center of ham, making sure the bulb does not touch the bone.  Place ham fat side up on rack in open roasting pan, and cover ham with a piece of clean brown wrapping paper or a large paper sack torn open, tucking it well down the sides.  Place in a moderately slow oven (300 to 325F) and bake uncovered, allowing 15 to 25 minutes per pound.  A tenderized ham (as most are today) will require closer to the 15 minutes.  The internal temperature of the ham about 150F.

One half hour before ham is done, remove from oven and pour all drippings from pan.  Score ham crisscross fashion in diamond pattern with sharp knife and stud each "diamond" with a clove.

Crush cranberry sauce with fork, add brown sugar, and blend until smooth.   Spread all over ham.

Return ham to oven and bake 1/2 hour longer, basting occasionally with pan drippings.

Just before serving, spoon cranberry sauce from bottom of pan over ham until it glistens.


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