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I am not a curmudgeon nor cynical; far from it.  I just want to share with you, in tongue-in-cheek style, situations I feel that are less than satisfactory in our present day life, both locally and globally.  The following editorials, and the opinions contained therein, are mine alone and I hope you take them in the light they are given...light!

Scouting vs. Values
or, why does someone think that a gay person is not moral?

The Wit and Tenets of Brad P. Scobey

First, before any brouhaha towards this article, if you have not read my biography, let eagle_scout.jpg (3156 bytes)me tell you that I am both an Eagle Scout (and damn proud of it) and gay (and make no apologizes for that).  By the Boy Scouts of America® excluding gay members, I am excluded from teaching life.

I try not to get into too many political disagreements, but this one hits too close to home for me to remain silent.   I feel as though I have become a contradiction; being who I am and being an Eagle Scout at the same time.

I see it almost every day, etched into my subconscious while driving behind some of my fellow drivers.  You see, here in Florida, we have a license plate that states "Scouting Teaches Values".  I could not agree more with that statement.  But the license plate, which has generated $343,566.00* in income through the end of 2003 is given to:

The Central Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America to be used by the nine Boy Councils within the state for the Boy Scout programs.*

and was issued in response to many organizations, corporations and government entities denying funding or freebies to scouting due to their discriminatory behavior.  So the three little words on the plate has taken on a covert message.  It tells me that by being gay, I cannot teach value.

I do not know why a parent would be afraid to have their son mentored, mentored in the truest sense, by any person who is willing to selflessly take the time from their own concerns and care enough for the human species to be a teacher, regardless of whether they are straight or gay in the first place.

When young people need as many wonderful role models and mentors as they can get, why limit their access to any well-adjusted and caring group of people out of ignorance and irrational fear.   Ignorance is not bliss, it is constraining.



*Taken from The State of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website

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