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(Observations and Witticisms from a lover of life)

Let's not start off on the wrong foot here, dear Friends.  Life is what we make it.  Life in the 21st Century has all the makings of wonder and love, convenience and happiness.  But let's face it, many of you are visiting Olde Time Cooking because you long for a simpler and less complex time of life.

I am not a curmudgeon nor cynical; far from it.  I just want to share with you, in tongue-in-cheek style, situations I feel that are less than satisfactory in our present day life, both locally and globally.  The following editorials, and the opinions contained therein, are mine alone, and I hope you take them in the light they are given...light!

Join me, won't you, as I share some of my feelings on the following topics:

Another Dance music station?  Great!

Beware the Homeowner's Association, a necessary evil

Five days off!  What will you do with all that time?

I am just not amazed by that

Just like Grandma used to make?

Scouting vs. Values

To Civil or Marry, that is the question

Using Children to advance a Politcal Agenda



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