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I am not a curmudgeon nor cynical; far from it.  I just want to share with you, in tongue-in-cheek style, situations I feel that are less than satisfactory in our present day life, both locally and globally.  The following editorials, and the opinions contained therein, are mine alone and I hope you take them in the light they are given...light!

Just like Grandma used to make; I mean bake.  NOT!
The Wit and Tenets of Brad P. Scobey

Cookies_On_Plate.gif (9891 bytes)How convenient life is in the 21st century.  What used to take hours now takes minutes.  Point in hand is baking and more to the point is baking cookies.  Oh how I remember going into Grandma Scobey's house and being surrounded by the aroma of fresh baked cookies in the oven.  About an hour before I got there, I know Grandma was mixing the flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, baking soda or powder, cracking eggs, stirring and stirring the wonderful mix that would become a toothsome delight to my taste buds.  There she was pre-heating the oven, greasing the cooking sheet, taking spoonfuls of batter and lovingly placing them on the sheet, one by one.

Wait a minute; did Grandma just open a package and take out circles of some type of pre-formed substance and place them on a cookie sheet.  Wake up Brad, you're having a nightmare!!

verna.gif (18757 bytes)Hold on now.  Several food "giants" tout these pre-rolled, pre-died, pre-sliced, cut and diced creations from the laboratory as "Cookies just like Grandma used to make".  Do not insult my Grandmother that way!

Cookies just like Grandma used to make?  Let's analyze that statement for a second.   Grandma used to actually make the cookies from scratch with all natural ingredients.  So, I guess a better statement would be: Cookies just like Grandma used to bake.  But upon further analysis, I cannot live with that one either.  She never would have baked any "from the grocer's cold storage to your mouth" concoctions containing preservatives and a lot more sodium than she ever thought of using when she made the cookies from scratch.  So I can't go along with either the make or bake statement.  Let's see now, what can we say?  Cookies just like Grandma used to...You know, I can't think of a thing similar between the two.  Grandma would have never baked that way.


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