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I am not a curmudgeon nor cynical; far from it.  I just want to share with you, in tongue-in-cheek style, situations I feel that are less than satisfactory in our present day life, both locally and globally.  The following editorials, and the opinions contained therein, are mine alone and I hope you take them in the light they are given...light!

I know I should be amazed, but I'm not
The Wit and Tenets of Brad P. Scobey


In what seems like almost every television and radio commercial, I hear how amazed someone is over something so amazing, even your friends will be amazed.  From pizza crust to the quietness of a car to those cloths that wring out 20 times their weight in water.

Let's first take a look at the definition of amazed.  According to Miriam Webster, it is: to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.

Example one:  Our stuffed crust pizza is so full of cheese, you will be overwhelmed with surprise.

Example two: Sit in the X Class Whatchumacallit which will astonish you greatly with its' quietness.

Example three: These rags pick up so much water; more than their body weight, that you will be full of sudden wonder.


I can see why the ad people chose the word amazed/amazing instead; it just doesn't sound right using the correct verbage.  Doesn't run off the lips so easily and may, perhaps, have people ask "what do they mean by that?"

Perhaps the word itself, should be saved for a more meaningful experience such as the birth of a baby, or a bird in flight, or finding a person unharmed after being buried alive; or a brilliant sunset at the top of a mountain; maybe the full leap of a sperm whale off the Oregon coast.

All I know is that the word, by itself, is being used so often for mundane things that are hardly astonishing, wonderful or overwhelming I'm just worried that it will become just another word without its' own true and intended meaning.


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