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Orange-Clove Pomander

Each year, Paul and I make these pomanders to give our friends; and of course several to keep.  We still have one from two years ago hanging in our family room!  Enjoy

Your Host,  Brad

12 Navel Oranges (or other variety of perfectly round oranges)
Approx. 24 feet of thin maroon ribbon
Approx. 48 small-headed pins
480 whole cloves
12 maroon tassels

Starting at the top of the orange, pin a piece of ribbon directly into the orange.  Bring the ribbon around the orange and pin again at top where the ribbon meets the other end.  Snip ribbon and, going 45 degrees to the right, pin another piece of ribbon at the top of the orange and bring around again.  The orange should now look divided into 4 equal quarters.

Run a row of cloves (about 10) down each quarter between the ribbon by pushing the pointed end of the clove into the orange.  You will now have four rows of ribbons and four rows of cloves.

Pin a tassel on the bottom of each orange and make a ribbon bow on the top with a loop for hanging.


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